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Your Guide to Summer Style: Midi & Maxi Dresses

If you are anything like us, you love the feel of a new summer dress. And what’s better than this warm weather to experiment with all your Midi and Maxi dresses? Read to know more about maxi and midi dresses styling tips and more.

Perfect Places to Wear Your Kaftan Reading Your Guide to Summer Style: Midi & Maxi Dresses 5 minutes

The most exciting part of summer dressing is upgrading your wardrobe and clearing out some hangers to make room for the outfits you will be wearing all season long and summer is the right time invigorate your dress collection. Once you know your perfect fit, styling it becomes fun as all you must do is choose the right accessories and shoes to create a chic outfit for the day.

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Whether you are all about sleeve details or someone who is conscious about the fit of the dress, keep scrolling for our guide on how to wear your favorite Midi/Maxi dress for this summer:

The Midi Dresses

Before we hop on to the styling part, let’s dive into some facts that why the name Midi? Well, if the hemline of a dress hits you somewhere in the middle of your calf, it is a midi dress. These become popular in the 1960s and since then there has hardly been a time when you couldn’t find a Midi dress in a women’s closet. Over the years as fashion evolved, we found so many styles such as A-line silhouettes, asymmetrical hems, and intricate necklines.

The midi dresses are the perfect staple that you’ll want for all the summer causal outings with friends or beachside celebrations.

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Midi dresses have a length that usually hits the calf at the midpoint between the knee and the ankle. But by that time, it looked like midi dresses would be replaced by mini skirts and dresses. Since the mid-calf is the thickest point of your lower leg, going an inch above or below helps create a more flattering look. Wearing heels is another option because they always elongate the legs. Additional tips include buying lightweight fabrics in solid colors.

How To Style A Midi Dress

When it comes to styling the Midi, you better have the right accessories in your arsenal. For example, take our vine print V-neck midi dress. All you need is a piece of jewelry to complement your neckline, a pair of strappy sandals and a matching handbag to get you ready for the day. Be it luncheons in the garden with your friends or a beach outing with family, this outfit could easily make at the top of your favorites.

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One of the most popular myths about Midi dress is it does not look great on a plus-size and Thanks to so many fashion influencers and bloggers, the myth has already been destroyed and to state the obvious it all comes down to ‘Styling’. Also, summer is the perfect time to experiment with different styles and you can go for a sleeveless Midi dress or a knee-length Midi dress to keep the entire look very casual and summery.

Maxi Dresses for Summer

If a dress hits right at the ankle or just above it, it falls in the category of Maxi dresses. These have been in and out of fashion like many other styles since the 1960s, but they continue to come back in style with different prints and patterns. Now when they are again one of the most go-to choices for a quick outfit idea, styling these no matter what your shape or size is easy.

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Maxi dresses started getting popular somewhere in 1968, thanks to designer Oscar de la Renta. However, Vogue has been credited with the idea of introducing floral maxi dresses to the world as it featured Barbra Streisand in this whole new style for the first time.

How To Style A Maxi Dress

When styling a maxi dress, keep in mind that this length is most-commonly worn with flat sandals. Just in time for summer, we’ve launched floral print and bright color maxi dresses that goes well with boots, heels or slide sandals. Weather you're going on a seaside celebration or a casual lunch with friends just add a tote bag, slide sandals, your sunglasses and you're good to go.

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When styling a sleeveless maxi dress, throw a cropped denim jacket just in case you need one to avoid the sun or the weather changes. Another great way to style would be to go for a contrasting blazer to make it a workwear. For the accessories, try to pair it up with flat sandals. In case you are someone who loves a little height, go for wedges or strappy low heels and you can always pair them with boots for bringing a little twist of your own to spice up the outfit.

Now when you know how to style a Midi and Maxi dress, you can check out our latest dresses that are designed to keep in mind lazy beach days, summer evenings with friends and family. For more style inspirations follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, we drop latest styles and updates at our pages. Explore now and shop maxi and midi dresses from Tamsy.