perfect places to wear your kaftan

Perfect Places to Wear Your Kaftan

Our women’s kaftan should be your go-to look for running errands, indulging in some me-time while you multitask with Zoom meetings. These women’s kaftans are super comfortable and look as perfect with strappy sandals as they do with a pair of slide sandals.

Effortless Kaftan For All Summer Long

Rich in its history, the women’s kaftan is versatile yet elegant garment. Originating from ancient Mesopotamia, worn popularly within the Ottoman empire, and spreading to all other regions of the world including Asia and later modern-day Europe and America, the kaftan has been worn by royal figures with luxurious embellishments and decorative seams. In our modern world, the kaftan has evolved to a loose-fitting cover-up which drapes flatteringly over any body type, immediately bringing style to your look.

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Kaftan tops vary in color, length, fabric, and print. At TAMSY, we offer a variety of designs and sizes such as plus size kaftans, maxi kaftans, and even kaftan tops. They are designed with a relaxed fit to show off your best features. Their comfort is matched with confidence so you can wear these free-flowing garments and feel radiant in your own figure. Each one holds easygoing but bold elements which is the model balance in creating a chic outfit. It is a perfect match for anyone’s lifestyle, whether you prefer to lounge at home or spend time outside with your favorite people, the kaftan will have you looking effortless and enchanting for any occasion. To put it into perspective, here are a few events which are perfect places to wear your kaftan.

A Staple In Your Beach Wardrobe

With summer finally at our doorstep, there is every reason to soak in the sun while walking along the coast, or even at the poolside. Though the rising temperatures of the season can leave you overheating, it is important to take care of the functionality of your outfits.

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Of course, our beach kaftans & cover-ups ideally fit that narrative, with their flowy silhouettes and breathable fabric such as rayon, polyester, and georgette, they’re the best way to keep you cool yet looking graceful. Wearing a pair of sandals, your favorite swimsuit, and a kaftan to cover up, you’ll be able to feel the fresh breeze of the sea up your ankles and bathe in the warm heat of the sun.

Dressing Up Made Easy

Although kaftans have been popularized to be worn at the beach, they are just as suitable for any other outing. Dress up your knee-length kaftan or maxi kaftan with a belt or sash for a more polished look. This style easily defines your figure and accentuates your waist and hips to elongate and slim your look.

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It also makes you appear more put together and elegant. We suggest choosing a solid color women’s kaftan for nights out rather than printed kaftans as those are more likely to be worn casually. Pair your fit with your most beloved jewelry and wear it with any flats or wedges to create an outfit that is great for classy parties or evening events but will keep you comfortable all night long. You are sure to stun at any function whether it be a wedding party, brunch, or just a simple picnic with friends.

Run Your Errands In Style

A kaftan is not just for vacationing and having fun, it’s a cozy style that can be worn for running errands as well. Our short kaftans are optimal for casual looks. You could pair these with leggings or wide leg pants and style by tucking the short kaftan into the front of your bottoms.

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This outfit is subtle yet charming and will have you looking your best without even trying, with its comfortable details as well as its chic style, you can wear this outfit anywhere. Such as the grocery store or farmer’s market to prepare for your night’s dinner, to your relative’s house for a quick visit, or even to your child’s sports game or performing show.

Take a Load Off Your Feet

The most relaxing way to spend your summer would be to give time to yourself at home. With kaftans being so versatile, they can be dressed up for party wear or are perfect for a quiet day to lounge in.

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Wear any printed kaftan and easily laze in the soft fabric while reading a book, watching T.V., or cooking a meal. Let your worries pass and give yourself some time to relax and be present in the moment. Your short kaftan will give you the comfort and support you need to de-stress and care for what’s truly important: your happiness.

From entertaining party events to casual day-in at home, women’s kaftans can be worn anywhere! With their adaptable style, you can wear them however you please and wherever you please. Be sure to shop our collection of women's kaftan dresses online and let us know where your favorite place to wear them on our Instagram and Facebook.