Our Brand Mission

Wave goodbye to the worry of finding the ideal clothes and wondering if they'll look good on you. At Tamsy, we offer a wonderful range of basic wardrobe items in different sizes and styles, all at amazing prices. Tamsy is made for all women. No matter your body shape or budget, we've got you covered." Tamsy-– Designed for fit. Loved for value."

Our Beginning

TAMSY was designed to offer attractive fits and enjoyable fashion to women of every size without ever entering a store. Our team continually searches for beautiful wardrobe solutions from all over the world, keeping value and design in mind.

Brand Mission

You no longer need to worry about what you are going to wear and how it will look on you, Tamsy offers great fit in US sizes 3X-S across your fashion staples plus unique statement pieces you’ll love forever. Tamsy is created with every woman in mind. Whatever your shape or budget we have got you covered!

Who Are We

We offer you on-trend wardrobe staples and statement pieces you'll love forever. When we design our pieces, we always ask ourselves how to make them unique and bring out the best in women of all ages. We aim to help women feel good about themselves and confidently express their styles.

Our Icon

We break barriers and make stylish fits accessible to everyone every day and everywhere because we want to make you feel fantastic, do your own things, and spread your classy vibe.

Tamsy Cares

At Tamsy we are thrilled every time one of our customers makes a purchase. Every item means a meal to a child in need. Since 2017, we have watched kids grow and thrive with our mission to end childhood hunger. Your Purchase Feeds does more than provide a meal to a hungry child, Your Purchase Feeds the hearts, minds and futures of thousands of children throughout India and the United States.