At Tamsy we are thrilled every time one of our customers makes a purchase. Every item means a meal to a child in need. Since 2017, we have watched kids grow and thrive with our mission to end childhood hunger.

Your Purchase Feeds does more than provide a meal to a hungry child, Your Purchase Feeds the hearts, minds and futures of thousands of children throughout India and the United States.

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How does Your Purchase Feeds Work?

The best part about our Your Purchase Feeds program is that it requires nothing extra from you. For every item you purchase at Tamsy, we automatically provide one meal on your behalf to a child in India or the United States.

Since the start of our program in October of 2017, valuable customers like you make it possible for us to contribute over 35,000,000+ meals.

How do we do what we do?

We work with non-profit partners Akshaya Patra, No Kid Hungry, and Backpack Friends to provide nutritionally balanced meals to children.

Each partner operates on its own program, with the same goal to feed kids so they can learn. Each partner helps us deliver these meals directly to schools, so children don’t need to choose between hunger and an education. Learn more about hunger in the United States and India.

Your Purchase Feeds is more than a meal

Your Purchase Feeds supports more than 50,000 children everyday. Each and every child can focus on learning instead of being hungry. Your Purchase Feeds provides a path to a successful future and puts an end to generational poverty.

Because of your purchase, millions of children have a better chance at a successful future.  Each purchase is more than providing a meal to a child in need, it’s about feeding their hearts, minds, and futures.

Our Partners