What Makes TAMSY Different

The prime motive of Tamsy is to ensure customer satisfaction. We have crafted every piece with much love and detail. Tailored with the most delicate fabric which drapes on your body to offer uttermost comfort, so soft that you can sleep in them.

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TAMSY was founded with a passion, a persistent thought in mind, and a determined attitude and had its fair share of adversity. We always wanted to develop the ultimate solution for women of all shapes and sizes and their needs when dressing up. There are a lot of brands and websites that sell women's clothing, but the prime goal of TAMSY is to provide sheer comfort through its clothing; we want to change the cliche that comfort and style and cannot go hand in hand. We want to stay right by our values, our employees, our customers, and the world at large. We stand by our brand promise, designed for fit, loved for value. What makes us different from other brands? Well, let us tell you.

  1. Originality:
  2. The foundation of our brand started with the ethics of originality. Then, after measuring all the aspects, we shook hands with our talented and experienced designers, who delivered fresh and unique designs that made our brand stand out. Finally, we made sure in every season, and every occasion woman can wear our clothes. Our clothes are a perfect fit, be it a family get-together, boardroom meetings, evening outs with friends, leisure time with kids, or a laptop lifestyle. They are designed for you, made for everybody, for every shape and every size. Our team has crafted the most delicate fabrics that drape your body to offer the uttermost comfort and buttery feel, so soft that you can sleep in them.


  3. Understanding:
  4. We took our time to understand and analyze the latest fashion trends and strategize how to bring out the best to you while keeping the price affordable. There are loads of options available for women's fashion, but the satisfaction is limited; if the style is correct, the price is on the higher side, if the price is affordable, the style might not suit your taste, or if everything is perfect it might not be easily accessible. We came to terms with every problem and made everything easier for you. With Tamsy you will get affordable and trendiest styles at your fingertips, delivered to your doorstep. We have not compromised with the quality because we are convinced that there is no better expert on our clothes than you, our customers.


  5. Value:
  6. "Designed for fit, loved for value" is the motto of TAMSY. Not just words for us, but we stand by them. We understand that customers have a choice of where they purchase. We recognize we are a partner with our customers to provide high-quality products at a fair price. We focus on supplying our customers excellence with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm. We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure trust. We hope to optimize goodwill and total satisfaction in the pursuit of our vision and mission.


  7. Your Purchase Feeds:
  8. At TAMSY we feel excited every time one of our customers makes a purchase. Every item means a meal to a child in need. Since 2017, we have watched kids grow and thrive with our mission to end childhood hunger.

    Your Purchase Feeds does more than provide a meal to a hungry child, Your Purchase Feeds the hearts, minds, and futures of thousands of children throughout India and the United States. We work with non-profit partners to provide nutritionally balanced meals to children.


    Each partner operates on its program, with the same goal of feeding kids so they can learn. Each partner helps us deliver these meals directly to schools, so children don’t need to choose between hunger and education.

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