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Soft & Luxurious Faux Fur Styles For Winters

Nothing makes us feel warm & fuzzy like a cozy faux fur jacket. These winter statement-making pieces are simply dapper to rock with your holiday dress or keep you warm and effortlessly during your most chill nights.

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The bitterly cold temperatures during winters can make it hard to combine style with functionality. So, wouldn’t it be nice to stay warm AND look stunning at the same time? The continuing appeal of the faux fur trend promises not only a comfy look but a bold, bright, and timeless statement piece to add to your winter closet as well. Steal the limelight this season with a few of the most popular faux fur trends.

Faux fur is made from synthetic materials, unlike real fur that is part of a living organism, so even though it is designed to resemble it, it doesn't have the same feel as the original. The real fur feels much smoother and softer. It doesn't stick to them if you run your fingers through it. Recently, designer s has started pursuing cruelty-free or vegan fashion options, including using faux fur in their lines and improving the quality of the material, so it’s no longer like an old stuffed animal. New faux fur is and softer, warmer, and far more creative.

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No Limit To The Combinations

The winter classic for looking super stylish while keeping snugly and cozy is a faux fur coat. High cuddle-factor? Check! If you prefer an understated look, you could naturally go for a faux fur collar or some detailing on the long sleeves.

This winter, faux fur accessories are also hot! Don't just think of scarves or gloves: instead, have a go at giving your outfit that extra dash of flair by pairing it with a shoulder bag made entirely of fur. You'll also have a hard time missing a large number of trendsetters on the winter street scene, walking around in shoes, with handbags and even jewellery decked out in faux fur detailing.

Faux-Fur Coats To Try This Season

Layer Faux-Fur Over Lace: Lace will never go out of style. Whether you’re into a little bit of light floral or vibrant prints, faux fur jacket can add an extra style to any outfit. Channel your inner feminine vibes and stack up on the layers while adding some statement accessories for the ultimate street style look. How about a day at the office? A faux fur coat can take your usual boring office attire from zero to fashion blogger hero! Simply pair this outfit with casual black ballerina shoes for a cute but stylish take on your usual office apparel.

women wearing long brown faux fur coat

Some Serious Sunshine Shades: Following on from summer 2018, warm rusty reds and browns are still big statement. Go into style mode and try teaming fur jacket with a denim or smarten it up for the office with a classic solid shirt. Otherwise, you could switch it up and pair coat in classic colors with a sunburnt vibrant dress, just add barely-there stilettos and a winged eye makeup to take it from day to night.

There are truly no restrictions on when you can wear a faux fur coat or what you can wear a faux fur coat with… that is what is so great about fashion! So find yourself a favorite fur jacket and have some fun with it. Don’t just save it for that special occasion – wear it to run your errands, work, or even take out the trash – well, maybe not then, but I think you get the point.

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Wear Faux Fur Over Your Basic- Adding a faux fur coat to any casual outfits will give your look that seamless appearance. On cooler days you can even wear cable knit sweaters from the same colour family underneath keeping the clean and simple.

Let’s be real: There’s nothing like wearing a faux-fur coat outfit in winter. Sure, you could opt for a classic wool trench or even a stylish puffer jacket, but there’s something about wearing this staple that is just, to put it simply, fun. Blame it on the nature of faux fur—not only will it be the coziest wear to wear all season long, but it'll also dress up your outfits in mere minutes. Talk about a win-win.

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Rock Those Vibrant Colors- Try not to be hesitant to stick out. With many shading choices to browse, we positively aren't short on the brilliant and delightful. An unpretentious or splendid lively artificial hide is ideal for offering a special expression. Simply pair it with your cherished dark skinnies and lower leg boots and tah-dah! As the temps get cooler, a faux fur coat is the perfect outerwear piece to reach for. It not only will keep you warm, but you will look effortlessly stylish.

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Faux Fur Makes The Best Winter Warmers: We all want to keep comfy in the chillier months but still stay effortlessly stylish. This is where a faux fur jacket and coat comes into play! It allows you to steer away from clumpy and weighty layering that can be unflattering when the winter chill sets in.

Going on holiday someplace a little cooler than you’re used to? Packing a faux fur coat or vest means that you won’t be wishing you packed your thermals. Plus, a winter vacation means fashion inspo photos for the gram, right?

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Add A Fancy Factor To Your Outfit Using Faux Fur: If you want to add extra style to your outfit but don’t know how? Add a faux fur coat or vest and upgrade your fashion from drab to fab. Buying fur was once seen as a sign of opulence and wealth, but with faux fur, you can give off the same fashion week vibes, but for a fraction of the cost! Not only this, but since our products are made with such a high-quality material, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Tying faux fur coat at waist – A jacket truly can be part of your outfit. Think of it as the statement piece of your look. Tying it at the waist like a cape gives a tuxedo-style look and less of a coat vibe.

Throwing over your shoulders – Whenever you style your fur jacket, throw it over your shoulders, it will give a covered as well as a fashionable look.

Thicker faux fur coat – A thicker coat is perfect for those cold winter season.

Thinner faux fur coat – Thinner faux-fur coat is perfect for daytime use when the temps are not too cold.