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Outfit Of The Day

The right outfit can make your day, and Tamsy got plenty of shapes, lengths and prints to suit every event in your calendar. If you are curious to learn more about OOTD fashion, you can use our informative blog to get all the latest styling tips and ideas!

Nothing Without Updated Statement Pieces

The perfect outfit is not always easy to come by. It can be a real struggle to find everyday clothes that fit well, go with your style, and offer good quality. However, the moment you discover your secret closet (aka TAMSY.com) you’ll be set to conquer the world! No matter what your choice in fashion, we’ve got stylish clothes for you! From casual wear to dressy, you can find what you’re looking for at Tamsy. And if you are curious to learn more about fashion, you can use our informative fashion blog to get all the latest tips and inspiration!

Here are some exciting outfit options you can wear for evening outings, boardroom meetings and dinner with friends.

Trousers And Shirt

Constructing a confident look starts with an updated wardrobe pieces that can elevate your style. For example, when creating an outfit for work, women's trousers are essential and are the perfect piece to build the look around.

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Half Tuck-Women’s shirt, both slightly tucked in and a little outside the trousers - This is a casual way to wear a shirt. Create an unconventional outfit that is cool and a little bit sensual. This look helps to define the waistline without focusing all the attention on this point.

There are two different ways of wearing a collared shirt half tucked in and half out. In the first case, we tuck in the front of the shirt only, remembering to leave it loose so that it partly falls over the waistline. In the second case, all that is tucked into the trousers is one half: the left or right side, as you prefer. This only works with button shirts: they need to be unbuttoned up to the part where they meet the trousers.

Women’s shirt worn tucked into trousers - Tucking a shirt completely into trousers creates a style with certain retro qualities and a slightly formal, elegant feel. It works well with high-waisted trousers and with trousers that stand out for their specific decorations and waist darts. At this point, there is no reason not to add a belt to normal trousers to enhance this accessory.

Wearing a shirt over trousers - Generally speaking, long shirts and shirts with a comfy fit are worn over the trousers to make the most of their soft fit or other distinguishing features. In this case, we recommend wearing tight-fitting or in any case not overly loose trousers to emphasize the shape of the shirt. The style of this outfit is certainly formal, but it can also be casual when combined with a nice pair of sneakers.

Must-Have Skirts In Your Closet
outfit of the day 2

When it comes to upgraded wardrobe separates, it's hard to beat our women's ruffle and long skirts. Ruffle long skirts are considered a must-have wardrobe staple because they're on-trend, comfortable, and great for creating a chic look. With a history in the fashion world, women's skirts are practical options that are both flattering and dressy. It’s time to grab some new ruffle long skirts to rock the season in style! These floral skirt styles are some of our top picks to keep you and comfy and looking fab. Pick your fave in floral print skirt or go for a pop of bright color to make the seasons bright!

The floral ruffle skirt quickly became very popular, particularly for office wear. Styling long skirts are timeless because they're the statement piece to transition from day to night. You'll give yourself a beautiful look perfect for the office when you pair it with a plain shirt and flats. And when you're headed out for drinks, match out your skirt with a stylish top

Casual Dress Style Never Goes out of Trend

Have a plan to go out with your friends for some window shopping and have a laidback evening? We recommend this floral casual dress with full sleeves to be the perfect outfit for your evening.

outfit of the day 3 

Get your comfort level at a whole different level with this loose-fitting midi dress. A simple floral ruffle dress is one of the most versatile pieces of the season. You can just as easily wear one for an evening outing as you could to a wedding. If you pick a good one, the very same dress can be worn on weekend neighborhood strolls, park picnics, or even going out for a cocktail or spritz. Airy and light, our floral midi dress will be the hero piece in your summer wardrobe. From mini to midi dresses, our casual dresses allow for endless accessorizing options. Just swap your footwear, and top them off with a summer bag of your choosing, and your casual dress will feel like new every time.

Find Your Inner Diva in Evening Dresses
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Our evening dresses include different lengths and styles, but they all are elegant and made from high-quality materials. You can choose any color, but the most traditional are black, navy blue, red, burgundy, and metallic colors. Evening dresses for weddings can be either long or short. Look for styles with rhinestones or other types of shimmer and shine, as well as more delicate and soft fabrics like lace. Long evening dresses can vary from slightly more casual maxi dress-ish styles - perfect for day parties - to evening gowns appropriate for weddings and events. Explore draped silhouettes as well as sleeker styles, and don't forget to match a stylish bag and footwear.

Cozy And Comfy Nightwear Set

It’s time to give up your old sleepwear and upgrade to real pajamas. Here are all the reasons why you should do it today!

outfit of the day 5

There is one thing that you will always look forward to each day: coming home and slipping into comfy pjs. When it comes to your night-time outfit, we know that you want to be cute and comfortable. There's no doubt that a nightwear set is the ultimate relaxation clothing item, so be sure to get yourself some nightwear sets for a good night's rest. Pajama sets tend to be a little more put together, and they can often pass for casual loungewear if you throw a cardigan over them. If you need to do a quick, last-minute market run or don't have time to get dressed before you take the kids to school—women's pajama sets are a perfect option. Wearing work from home night suit is ideal when you want to get ready for the day without having to put on a shirt and pants. Enjoy your own personal Pajama Day during weekends or days off! Chill out and decompress while binge-watching your favorite shows and stay comfortable while doing so.

Comfy And Versatile Kaftans

In the summer, we want to lounge in the most comfortable clothes that are also chic and flowy. The perfect choice for that? A kaftan!

outfit of the day 6

Tamsy’s Kaftans are loose-fitting, free-flowing, vibrant and yet, always flattering. While most women tend to think of kaftans as the perfect beachwear (because it is), they’re also suitable for all seasons. You can wear them over a pair of leggings for the chilly atmosphere outside. And obviously, you could wear a colourful kaftan, add some accessories and flaunt it in the summers. Hence, a perfect choice for a staycation anytime, anywhere. They’re an effortless choice for lounging around at home or spa, watching movies, making dinner, and a variety of other activities throughout the changing seasons.

During the summertime opt for light and comfy kaftans. Our beautiful kaftans are available in varying lengths and often feature pockets!

And our short kaftans are loved by people who relish wearing loose fit. These Beautiful and elegant kaftans usually come with pockets and are of floor length and knee-length. On the other hand, there are a lot of kaftan fashion lovers who love short kaftans.

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